• Sonia Martinez Llorens

Talk about us.Las SinSombrero.The generation of revolucionalist women in 1927, Spain.

Updated: Mar 30

La Sinsombrero, the other side of the Spanish Generation of ‘27

Ernestina de Champourcín (poet), Mª Teresa León (writer), Concha Méndez (poet and editor), Maruja Mallo (painter), María Zambrano (philosopher) Rosa Chacel (novelist), Josefina de La Torre (writer poet and actress), Marga Gil (sculptor and illustrator) ... all intellectual women, all committed to their generation while at the same time being too progressive for it. They are women who lived in Spain during the 20s and 30s, and had pioneering roles along with the other thinkers, philosophers, poets, painters and artists in the Spanish Generation of ‘27.

These artists are known by the nickname of "Las Sinsombrero" which derives from the act of taking off their hats in public, an action widely criticized, which they used to express their determination for the rights of Spanish women by walking through the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. "If I wore a hat, I would take a balloon tied to my wrist with my hat on, so that when I met someone I knew, I would take the balloon from my hat to say hello" (Maruja Mallo).