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Recommended Book. Loba by Diane di Prima.⁠

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

⁠✿ Recommended Book. Loba by Diane di Prima.⁠

Loba is a visionary epic quest for the reintegration of the femimine, hailed by many as the great female counterpart to Allen Ginsberg's Howl when the first half appeared in 1978. Now published for the first time in its completed form with new material, Loba, "she-wolf" in Spanish explores the wilderness at the heart of experience, through the archetype of the wolf goddess, elemental symbol of complete self-acceptance⁠

"However great your visioning and your inspiration, you need the techniques of the craft,” she reflected in an interview in the 1980"⁠

Who is this #remarkable woman ?

Diane di Prima (August 6, 1934 – October 25, 2020) was an American poet, known for her association with the Beat movement. She was also an artist, prose writer, and teacher. Di Prima authored nearly four dozen books.

⁠The feminist poet Diane di Prima wrote about fat women, queer women, androgynous women, disobedient women, women as Gods, as birds, as the wind.⁠⁠


Di Prima was known for her activism, having been exposed early on to political consciousness by her grandfather, Domenico, as detailed in her memoir Recollections of My Life as a Woman; she also discusses this in a 2001 interview with David Hadbawnik. In her memoir, di Prima describes seeing her grandfather speak at a rally in the park, writing "I am proud of him, and afraid, but mostly amazed. His words have awakened my full acknowledgment, consent. I hear what he says as truth, and it seems I have always known it. I feel old, self-contained, passionate with the pure passion of a child."

Moments such as these sparked a dedication to social activism, especially as it concerned women's rights, that persisted throughout di Prima's life.

⁠Pic and credit Diane di Prima.⁠⁠

✿ You can purchase the book following the link ⁠.All the profit will support our projects in Africa.


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