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Talk about us : SIMI FAJEMIROKUN⁠

Simi is the founder of R2S Africa, a non-profit organization committed to improving the state of public school education in Nigeria. She is also the founder of ESFAJ & Partners, an advisory firm that provides innovative and creative solutions to the increasing need for research in business development. She advises top government officials in Federal and State governments in Nigeria.⁠

Simi brings her business acumen, combined with passion, a reputation for delivering results and an impressive network that spans both the private and public sector to lead an organization that is set to be a game changer in public school education in Nigeria. In 2012, she was a recipient of the Good Planet Foundation award in Davos based on her research on ‘Mobile Learning in Rural Areas’.⁠

Like a founder of R2S her work is of high impact in rural areas and the achievements are solids.

Read2Succeed Africa (R2S) is committed to improving the state of public schools in Nigeria by constantly questioning the status quo. She believes that education should provide tomorrow’s solutions and so they use design thinking to build inspired learning communities where the classroom itself is a learning tool. they are intentional about infusing the African culture to boost confidence and create a sense of belonging in their learning spaces.

✓ She launched the first Modern African classroom, 'The Showroom' in Utako public primary school using design thinking and recycled materials.

Built Prototype and developed the curriculum for primary school students in neglected public schools to improve literacy levels

Adopted 5 schools and delivered programs that equipped over 1,200 students with adaptive education and skills for future employment while highlighting alternative paths to future world of work

Raised funds in excess of $100,000 and provided school materials for 4 sets of graduating class to prepare them for secondary school

Launched successful awareness campaign on the state of public schools on social media that reached over 500,000 people using influencers and top bloggers

Pic and credit Simi Fajemrokun. ⁠

Source : Wikipedia. Simi Fajemrokun. ⁠


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