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Talk about us.The women leading in Africa.

Brave women, ambitious women, women who inspire us ... the women leading in Africa

The report published by the CNBC Africa shows us very significant data that justifies these claims. In a totally objective way, it shows through figures, the presence of female leaders in Parliament. Africa are in 2nd position along with Latin America with only Europe ahead of them.

39% of African women are included in the Management Committees of companies in the industrial sector leading the Pharmaceutical industry ranking, followed by 33% African women in technology.

The increase achieved in 2014, which multiplied the figure of female representation in the cabinet of the African government by 5.5, positioning the female presence at 22%, compared to 11% in Asia. African female leaders are occupying key and increasingly strategic positions, with access to the economic resources of the continent which allows them to take advantage of investment and trade opportunities.

Specifically, the sub-Saharan region tops the list with 26% of women engaged in entrepreneurial activity, placing them at the highest index worldwide. In recent years, the integration of women into the dominant part of the African economy contributes to the creation of employment, the reduction of family poverty and, consequently, the growth of the global economy and the reconstruction of the continent.

Written by Sonia Martínez LLorens

Source CNBC Africa

Pic By Etty Fidele

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