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Artistic Minds. Djarabi - Masara Traore.

Artistic Minds. Djarabi - Masara Traore.

Masara Traoré is an artist from Burkina Faso who got her first performing experience as a dancer. Later, she decides to become a singer and composer working with traditional music from her culture after 10 years in Barcelona.

Masara Traoré’s music is the vehicle that transports us to deep Africa, full of messages and traditions. The first song, Dankam Oumou Sangaré, pays homage to one of the divas of African music and an old friend of Masara’s: Oumou Sangaré, also knows for her feminist activism.

〰️ Enjoying of more women's voices, visit this link.

Pic and credit #masaratraoré

Curator @munllonch

Sources :Slow Walk Music.

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