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Artistic Minds. Lebohang Kganye

Lebohang Kganye Wins Prize (Grand Prix Images Vevey 2021-2022)for her Staging Memories Project⁠

❛ Staging Memories is rooted in specific post-Apartheid realities, but it calls out with a clear voice across the world, confirming once again that history is always local as well as global. In Lebohang Kganye’s capable and fearless hands, we are given an opportunity to encounter the world in new frames: playful and dark, accessible and challenging, steadily mournful and indomitably hopeful ❜⁠

For the first public iteration of Staging Memories, Lebohang will conceive for Images Vevey in September 2022 a large-scale three-dimensional installation exploring the materiality of photography in dialogue with the disciplines of theatre and literature.⁠

Lebohang Kganye (born in 1990, Katlehong) is a South African visual artist living and working in Johannesburg. Working primarily with photography, Lebohang Kganye incorporates sculpture, performance, installation and film in her creative practice. Kganye explores what she defines as "fictional history" by merging archival elements and characters drawn from her family stories, theatre and literature into imaginary sceneries. Kganye is part of a new generation of contemporary South African artists and photographers born shortly before or after Apartheid ended.

⁠View more of Lebohang Kganye's work at:

Pic by Lebohang Kganye ⁠

Curator @munllonch⁠


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