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CF's Webinar Series. Topic: Women Entrepreneurs in fragile environments: beyond business as usual.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

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Topic: Women Entrepreneurs in fragile environments: beyond business as usual by Dr. Holly A. Ritchie

When: Jun 24, 2020 04:00 PM AMS Time


The challenges of engaging in business in fragile setting.

Explains :

How women entrepreneurs once economically empowered become motivated to pursue social change.

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Webinar Speaker.

Dr. Holly A. Ritchie She combines consulting work with ongoing academic research (ISS, Erasmus University, The Hague) examining enterprise, social / cultural change (with a focus on gender), and broader socio-economic development.

She has a background in International Development (MA) and Finance (investment banking). To date, she has gained extensive experience in Afghanistan (10 years), as well as South America, the Middle East and East Africa.

I have been working as a researcher in the field of Social Media and as an OSINT specialist since 2009. My intention is to assist the Foundation into growing in a sustainable way towards its end goal. I align myself with the values of the organisation and I am inspired by its noble cause.

By supporting small-scale business projects of female entrepreneurs, opportunities such as integration into existing economic development structures and strategies against poverty are made possible. One of my aspirations is to reach out a bigger audience for Coachability Foundation’s  work and projects.

By communicating efficiently the profiles of women entrepreneurs and their vision through new and traditional media outlets, the mentality in every level of hierarchy and background amongst all economically active stakeholders and researchers in Europe can change.

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