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Inspirational quote by Paula Scher.⁠

✼ Inspirational quote by Paula Scher.⁠

❛ It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. ❜⁠

Who is this #remarkablewomen ?

Paula Scher (born October 6, 1948, Washington, D.C.) is an American graphic designer, painter and art educator in design. She also served as the first female principal at Pentagram, which she joined in 1991

Paula Scher worked with associate designer Courtney Gooch to create the identity for , a non-profit that is dedicated to providing affordable and safe access to menstrual products in the United States. She worked with Period Equity co-founders, Jennifer Weiss Wolf and Laura Strausfeld, to create the identity. Weiss-Wolf and Strausfeld initially wanted to call their organization "Menstrual Equality", but Scher saw Period Equity as less off-putting.The term "period" is more playful than "menstrual", and allows for more graphic options. When the organization achieves its goal, the name can be shifted to "Equity, Period". This will allow them to later extend their work beyond menstrual inequality into other issues.

Scher used the typeface New Rail Alphabet, designed by Margaret Calvert, for its neutral appearance, but replaced its square-edged punctuation with round.The branding concept puts their wordmark in between two big red dots on a white background.These dots are meant to allude to the idea of periods, but they are used in a clean and modernist style.The identity also uses copy such as "Periods are not luxuries. Period." to play with the theme.The identity is serious enough for legal work, but also loud and fun, which is necessary when discussing a topic that is normally stigmatized and seen as not appropriate to discuss in public.Wikipedia, 2021.


  • Art Directors Club Hall of Fame 1998, Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design 2000, AIGA Medal 2001, * National Design Award (Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian) 2013

  • Honorary doctorates from Corcoran School of Art, Maryland Institute of Art and Moore College of Art

  • Awards for graphic design; American Book Award nominations for best book design, and for best compilation of written and graphic material, both 1981, both for The Honeymoon Book: A Tribute to the Last Ritual of Sexual Innocence.

  • The School of Visual Arts grants a Master Series Award, showcase of Make It Bigger

  • Awards: Print's Regional Design Annual 2011 for Shakespeare in the Park 2010 campaign, Map Murals for Queens Metropolitan Campus, and Environmental Graphic for Parking Garage at 13-17 East 54th Street.


  • The Brownstone, Princeton Architectural Press, 2016

  • Scher, Paula. (2002) Make it Bigger. New York: Princeton Architectural Press,

  • Scher, Paula. (2011) Maps. New York: Princeton Architectural Press.Wikipedia, 2021.

Pic by © Paula Scher.

⁠Curator @munllonch⁠


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