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Let's talk to Montse Ferrer

Due to this pandemic we had to postpone our entrepreneur project event in Barcelona several times. It's called LET'S TALK.

What is Let's Talk Project?

This project consists of several events where entrepreneur women, with different points of view, share their experiences, knowledge and background with other participants. In addition to this, we facilitate the relationship among attendees to create synergies and new collaborations.

Our main goal is to share knowledge and experiences among people who come from the corporate world. We foster accompaniment for personal and professional development. We welcome participants from the social and cultural fields who have entrepreneurship as a vital focus. We also seek to generate professional synergies and solidarity among entrepreneur women around the world.

Please, don't propose us to do it online. Our event is about feeling the vibes of the entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. But, we are patient and wait for the right moment. In the meantime we would like to share the four interviews we prepared for you. Today, we begin with the first one.


1. In about 5 lines, explain the technical content of your talk within the LET’S TALK PROJECT.

For me, the topic we will share in this talk is a step forward in the evolution as individuals and even as organizations and cultures: interdependence.

In the past, people have been very focused on individuality and for years society has been built from this individual point of view.

I think that in our present and future, we are drawing a new vision in which people, once they have achieved their personal independence as a result of self-knowledge, realise that their evolution is focused on collaboration, looking at others and building collectively, bearing in mind the people and the society they will leave as their legacy.

So this talk will be aimed to share the elements that help us to be interdependent and thus to focus the leadership in a collaborative way.

2. Introduce yourself as the empowered woman of your generation.

Power, energy and strength come from within and they are focused outward, directed at building what is important to each of us and makes us spend time and effort. Discovering this force and focusing it, in my case, is the result of years of reviewing and analysing and possibly not believing enough in me, the well-known impostor syndrome, which limits the capacity and ability to show the essence that is inside each one of us.

So this power that I conquer every day is full of effort, full of longing and with much kindness for me and for others. Nothing more, nothing less.

3. What do you need to feel empowered and how do you do it?

I think I need less, it's about looking at myself, feeling capable, opening myself up not to feel capable, assuming my vulnerability and showing my essence, with everything that it is. I stop being what I am expected to be and start being who I am. Perhaps less confident, with more doubts and, at the same time, with a push to move forward and above all, keeping in mind the fragility of our humanity and the courage to show myself in my very nature.

4. What advice would you give to future generations who are just starting out in entrepreneurship?

That they learn, that they are curious, that they keep their longing to know and to discover, to assume challenges. The rest flows on its own, you will learn, unlearn and find the way, probably with few certainties but with much more experience and humility to discover.

5. How does female empowerment differ from male empowerment and how does it affect you?

Historically, power has been run by men and the way of doing things has been centred on action, competition and competence and a series of behaviours that have been associated with men. While women have been associated with other behaviours such as compassion, caring, empathy and cooperation.

Evolution shows us that, regardless of one's gender, people have behaviours that contain a wide spectrum and we can be active, competent and compassionate and cooperative. For me, the integration of this broad range of behaviours makes it easier for us to exercise our personal power creatively to respond to the present and build the future.

So for me the question would be how to use personal power, which comes from within, by responding creatively in whatever way is most appropriate to participate in the creation of a more fair, equitable, collaborative and sustainable society.

Many thanks for your generosity, Montse.

See you in the our future event. In the meantime, if you want to support our project please follow this link

You can contact with Montse at:

Interviewed by Noèlia Ribó

Project leader Montse Ferrer i Masagué

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