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Let's Talk to Núria Bosch.

Due to this pandemic we had to postpone our entrepreneur project event in Barcelona several times. It's called LET'S TALK.

What is Let's Talk Project?

This project consists of several events where entrepreneur women, with different points of view, share their experiences, knowledge and background with other participants. In addition to this, we facilitate the relationship among attendees to create synergies and new collaborations.

Our main goal is to share knowledge and experiences among people who come from the corporate world. We foster accompaniment for personal and professional development. We welcome participants from the social and cultural fields who have entrepreneurship as a vital focus. We also seek to generate professional synergies and solidarity among entrepreneur women around the world.

Please, don't propose us to do it online. Our event is about feeling the vibes of the entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. But, we are patient and wait for the right moment. In the meantime we would like to share the four interviews we prepared for you. Today, we begin with the second one.


1.- In about 5 lines, explain the technical content of your Talk within the LET’S TALK PROJECT

The points to be addressed in the talk revolve around the different angles of any woman's relationship with money and the casuistry that generated it. We will also add a call to action in order to improve the way women look at the financial aspect with a desire to contribute to their freedom, guided by both the knowledge and the responsibility that these imply.

2. Introduce yourself as the empowered woman of your generation

I do not consider myself an empowered woman in the traditional sense, a concept that I still consider under the parameters of patriarchy, linked to social recognition and part of the status quo that just empowers only a certain target of women.

I consider myself empowered in the sense that I can do what I feel like without giving explanations to anyone or asking permission (I’m not talking about illegalities, of course!) And I also consider myself to have the material and immaterial means to tackle it.

3.- What do you need to feel empowered and how do you do it?

Presence and spirituality.

Finding the purpose of life is a sufficiently action-oriented fact.

4.- What advice would you give to future generations starting out in entrepreneurship?

I would not give advice unless it was asked of me, I am a firm advocate of discomfort, error and difficulty as masters of growth. If they asked me, I would tell them to listen to their own voice, which will lead them to where they need to go, to ask for help: people are tremendously supportive and if they can help you, they will and I would finally tell them to persevere.

5.- What differentiates female empowerment from male power and how does it affect you?

My label would go more to talk about 21st century empowerment than old empowerments. We still have a lot of yang weight, masculinity, action orientation, individuality. The contribution of women goes through the 'tags' of collectivity, creativity, feeling and yin… with the action and freedom that money can provide.

Many thanks for your generosity, Núria.

See you in the our future event. In the meantime, if you want to support our project please follow this link

You can contact with Núria Ribó at:

Interviewed by Noèlia Ribó


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