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Let's Talk to Montse Bordas.

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Due to this pandemic we had to postpone our entrepreneur project event in Barcelona several times. It's called LET'S TALK.

What is Let's Talk Project?

This project consists of several events where entrepreneur women, with different points of view, share their experiences, knowledge and background with other participants. In addition to this, we facilitate the relationship among attendees to create synergies and new collaborations.

Our main goal is to share knowledge and experiences among people who come from the corporate world. We foster accompaniment for personal and professional development. We welcome participants from the social and cultural fields who have entrepreneurship as a vital focus. We also seek to generate professional synergies and solidarity among entrepreneur women around the world.

Please, don't propose us to do it online. Our event is about feeling the vibes of the entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. But, we are patient and wait for the right moment. In the meantime we would like to share the four interviews we prepared for you. Today, we begin with the first one.


1. In about 5 lines, explain the technical content of your talk within the LET’S TALK PROJECT.

The content revolves around the concepts of entrepreneurship and empowerment, in which ideas related to personal leadership will be developed. We will also focused on the 4 intelligences: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, which are involved in entrepreneurship, either autonomously or in the corporate context, which in this case is called intrapreneurship.

2. Introduce yourself as the empowered woman of your generation.

My name is Montse Bordas Santacreu and I am dedicated to facilitating personal and organizational processes of learnability, change and transformation to help generate a more responsible, prosperous and conscious society.

I promote my own personal brand and am a co-founder of the À company.

I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona. Master in Local Administration Management from the University of Barcelona. Postgraduate New people for new challenges at Pompeu Fabra University. International Certification in Systemic Management and Organizational Constellations by Talent Manager and INFOSYON (International Forum for System Constellations in Organizations). Certification in the Mayeutik Coaching® Program by Borja Vilaseca Institute. International certification in Kundalini Yoga Instruction by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute), AEKY (Spanish Association of Kundalini Yoga) and recognized by International Yoga Alliance®.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, my professional experience has been built by contributing to different types of companies, institutions and universities, with special emphasis and dedication to public administrations. From organizational consulting, applied training, the facilitation of learning processes and individual and team support, I collaborate with renowned organizations in the development of corporate strategic plans, the design of organizational cultures, construction and training of high performance teams and in the development of managerial, emotional and management skills.

One of my added values lies in my knowledge of how companies and public administration work, their language and their knowledge of their work dynamics, in which I have spent more than thirty years of my professional life.

The aspects I deal with are the result of his experience, after going through different environments, moments and vital situations. Likewise, the style with which it approaches the provision of its services is based on its authenticity, with a marked practical and experiential methodology to facilitate individual and organizational learning.

I am vital, provocative, nonconformist and motivated. I am excited about the environments that allow alchemical fusion of individual talents and transform them into collective talent to bring about changes that contribute to the improvement of the ecosystem in which organizations operate.

I am inspired by everything that broadens my gaze, raises my level of awareness and helps me improve my relationship with myself and my environment.

I am also a lecturer and tutor in the Postgraduate Course in Talent Management in Organizations at the University of Barcelona, in the Postgraduate Course in Public Management of the EAPC and the Master's Degree in Public Management (MDP) of the EAPC in collaboration with the UOC. I am part of the teaching staff of the Barcelona Activa Professional Skills Development Center · Barcelona City Council.

3. What do you need to feel empowered and how do you do it?

Mainly, I try to:

1. Encourage self-knowledge and personal development to stay "awake".

2. Meditate and practice yogic and breathing techniques daily.

3. Set myself stimulating goals with a sense of purpose and put love into everything I do.

4. Think and act positively in an attitude of gratitude.

5. Listen, follow and relate to other empowered people.

4. What advice would you give to future generations who are just starting out in entrepreneurship?

Cool head and brave heart.

1. To be trained in economic management.

2. To choose good partners, referents and advisers.

3. To study the market and develop a business plan.

4. To focus your products / services on helping many people and contributing to a more conscious world.

5. To do what they are passionate about and that allows them to be who they have become.

5. How does female empowerment differ from male empowerment and how does it affect you?

For me, women's empowerment is not just about women and men. I understand it as a way of behaving because we all have feminine and masculine energy in us, and it’s great that it’s like that. I consider that male behavior or power is often confused with masculinity and for me they are totally different positions.

Women’s empowerment must lead women to transcend the boundaries and beliefs that society and an archaic and outdated education system have instilled in a large part of women in our culture. And do it in a balanced and generous way, cooperative, as a team, oriented to high performance

and not so much to victory (which would be more masculine), sharing in a conscious and empathetic way all those challenges to which we face as well as those solutions that help us individually and transferring them to a collective gaze. And women can't do that alone, men need to do it too, because 50% doesn't change 100%.

Without equality there is no democracy and the empowerment of women is an individual and collective process, a goal that competes with all of us to achieve.

Many thanks for your generosity, Montse

See you in the our future event. In the meantime, if you want to support our project please follow this link

You can contact with Montse Bordas at:

Interviewed by Noèlia Ribó

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