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Recommended books. F*ck that Insecurity by Vréneli Stadelmaier.

Updated: May 14, 2021

Many people, including those who are successful professionally and socially, suffer from the impostor syndrome: the fear of being found out. They believe that they fall short in comparison with others. They attribute the cause of their success to external factors, as opposed to their own power, their knowledge, and skills.

Boss of your own brain

These irrational thoughts have a paralyzing effect and stand in the way of success and happiness. This often proves to be a significant barrier in case of new challenges, conflicts, and job applications. Rationally, we do know that we are capable, but still we remain insecure, in particular at important moments. As a result of it we set the bar very high, or very low.

What causes this? And more important: how do we get rid of it?

You will succeed in this by using the seven-step plan from this handy book! And you can watch the online videos available on:

Vréneli Stadelmaier MSc., who has a master in business administration, is an author, professional speaker, feminist and career coach. After her graduation she worked in several managerial positions. In 1999 she started her first business, together with her former husband, in executive search in investment banking. In 2007 she started SheConsult out of frustration that it still will take so much time before women face an equal level playing field in work.

She wrote the bestseller “F*ck that Insecurity” (Published in English under the title: “Sure she can, Crush this Insecurity”) and “A Smart Girl is Prepared for Her Future, Survival Guide for Young Ambitious Women” that prepares young women for the challenges they may face the first 10 years after their graduation.

Vréneli is director and founder of SheConsult, a nationally operating training & coaching agency for highly educated women, with 22 affiliates in the Netherlands. It’s proven that women are different than men and face different problems, then men do. So women have different needs in training and coaching than men, and the trainers and coaches of SheConsult have the knowledge and the experience in supporting women in those fields. Vréneliregularly holds lectures at organizations, network events and in theaters. She is a regular guest in Dutch media and an active vlogger. In 2015 Vréneli was awarded the prestigious Joke Smit Award for her work on gender equality and women’s emancipation by the Dutch government.

✿ You can purchase the book following the link . All the profit will support our projects in Africa. ⁠

Pic by by Vréneli Stadelmaier.⁠

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