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Women in politics by Helena Dalli⁠

✤ Women in politics by Helena Dalli⁠.

⁠⁘ Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, said: ⁠

⁠❛ The pursuit of equality does not require the shifting of anything from one basket to another. Equality is an infinite resource, and there is enough of it for everyone.

On the flipside, discrimination costs the individuals that suffer it and society as a whole dearly, in lack of personal recognition, lack of meritocracy and loss of talent and innovation. ⁠With the Gender Equality Strategy we are anchoring gender equality at the core of EU policy development. We aim to ensure that women do not have to surmount additional hurdles to achieve what men have as a given and are instead able to reach their full potential ❜⁠

Who is this #remarkablewoman ?


Dalli holds a PhD in Political Sociology from the University of Nottingham, and lectures in Economic and Political Sociology, Public Policy, and Sociology of Law at the University of Malta.


In 2016, Dalli was the first Maltese nominee and winner of the European Diversity Award for her work in human rights and equality at the local and international level.

In 2019, Dalli was presented, on behalf of Malta, with the Diversa Internacional award by the Spanish Association of Lawyers and Lawyers against Hate Crimes, in recognition of her work for equality on both the domestic and international fronts.

In 2021, Dalli was presented an award by the Spanish Government in recognition of the robustness of the EU LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025. Months later, she received an award on behalf of the European Commission from PROUD, an organisation working for LGBTIQ equality in Czechia, for the same strategy

Source UN Women 2022⁠

Pic by #HelenaDalli⁠ France Parliament EU

Curator @munllonch⁠


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