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ChangeMarkers : Dame Stephanie Shirley

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

✿ Changemarkers : Dame Stephanie Shirley.⁠

⁠❛We were part of a crusade to get women into business ❜⁠ ⁠World’s First All-Woman Software Company⁠

Who is this #remarkable woman ? ⁠ She is a British information technology pioneer, businesswoman and philanthropist.⁠

Shirley was born as Vera Buchthal to Arnold Buchthal, a judge in Dortmund who was Jewish and who lost his post to the Nazi regime, and a non-Jewish Viennese mother. In July 1939 Shirley arrived, at the age of five together with her nine-year-old sister Renate, in Britain as a Kindertransport child refugee.

She was placed in the care of foster parents living in the Midlands town of Sutton Coldfield.

She was later re-united with her biological parents, but said she "never really bonded with them.".

After attending a convent school, she moved to Oswestry, near the Welsh border, where she attended the Oswestry Girls' High School. Mathematics was not taught at the school, so she received permission after assessment to take those lessons at the local boys school. She would later recall that, after her Kindertransport and wartime experiences, "in Oswestry I had six wonderful years of peace". After leaving school, Shirley decided not to go to university but sought employment in a mathematics/technical environment.⁠ She took evening classes for six years to obtain an honours degree in mathematics. In 1959, she moved to CDL Ltd, designers of the ICT 1301 computer.⁠ ⁠She founded, with a capital of £6, the software company Freelance Programmers.⁠ She wanted to create job opportunities for women with dependents, and predominantly employed women, with only three male programmers in the first 300 staff⁠. Have a look this amazing and inspiring video and visit our youtube channel with more remarkable woman like Dame Stephanie Shirley

⁠Pic © Dame Stephanie Shirley

Source by Wikipedia and Entrepreneur Women

Curator : Munllonch


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