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Women's Empowerment.

It is crucial that women’s voices are heard and their work on the ground is recognised, valued and supported. Decisions should be made with them, not for them.

Elisabeth Rehn (Finish Politician and former UN Under-Secretary-General) and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Former President of Liberia and first elected female head of state in Africa). Quote taken from Women, War, Peace: The Independent Experts’ Assessment on the Impact of Armed Conflict on Women and Women’s Role in Peace-Building (2002: p9).

Women’s empowerment is a cross-cutting priority at Coachability Foundation, as we recognise the synergies between three of the SDGs: 5 (Gender equality), 16 (Peace, justice and strong institutions), and 17 (Partnerships for the goals). Coachability Foundation has developed different programmes and initiatives aimed at empowering women around the world to meaningfully take part in entrepreneurship processes, at all levels and in all capacities. When gaps in capacity, knowledge, or skills that affect women's empowerment are identified, Coachability Foundation provides tailored and customised capacity-building and development packages to address the specific needs of stakeholders and foster a broader societal change. Coachability Foundation is gained great expertise in supporting women’ s empowerment – making it uniquely positioned to build and develop related capacities and capabilities at the individual, collective, and institutional levels.


Coachability Foundation has extensive experience in developing and supporting capacity-building packages to promote women’s empowerment across all regions. Dynamic learning processes allow participants to not only acquire skills but also contribute to the construction of knowledge in a meaningful and applicable manner.

Coachability Foundation work in women’s empowerment integrates a variety of human-centred, that address the knowledge and capacity gaps of stakeholders while also creating an enabling environment for the equal representation and participation of women and girls in peace processes at all levels and in all capacities.

You can see our programs in that link.


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